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Wel-Tech® Cloth Drying Ceiling Hanger / Rack ADVANTAGES OF PRODUCT :
Wel-Tech® Cloth drying ceiling hanger / rack fitted to roof in a minimum space in Balcony / Varandah / Bathroom and any suitable places.
Pipes which can be managed individually up and down and also can keep in 6 steps.
Clothes will be saved from rust.
Clothes dry faster due to high temperature near ceiling.
More air flow and sunlight into apartment and houses.
More space for free movement in balcony.
Product available in different sizes / length.
Children / Oldage people and any other can also handle easily.


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Corporate Vision: VCS, with its Business Sagacity and Constant Quest for Innovation aims the creation of a Tech Savvy Educated Society that rewards, vanguards and fosters the future of its youth by ensuring their career dreams come true.
Corporate Values: VCS, to achieve its Corporate Vision adheres to the following corporate values.
Technology & Society: In all the endeavors to achieve our vision we strive to implement the cutting edge technology bearing in mind that we have to equally safeguard the environment of the society.
Growth & Profit: We always give our best and strive to meet the expectations of our clients and employees.
Global Thoughts & Acts: We not only think globally but implement the same by acting globally.
Clients: We put all our energy and resources to the optimum use to be the valued and trusted partner of our clients.
Employees: We are what our employees are and for the same reason we value their individual growth and respect the diversity in the work culture.
Business Partners: We strongly believe that our business partners take our business to the next level and we always value the mutual beneficial relationships with our business partners.
Customer – Centric Attitude: We have always been the partners of cardinal significance to our customers and we continue to be so. Conscious enough of this principle, we think and act in all our business activities with utmost sincerity and proactively contribute to the business of our customers. In doing so, we seek to add value beyond simply providing business services.
Quick Firsthand Understanding: We understand the importance of the ability to recognize change, set targets and take appropriate action, all these to be performed at a greater pace, to achieve the objectives as critical to our continued business success. With this understanding we follow each step of the "plan, do, check, and act" cycle. Each step of that cycle, however, is premised on going directly onsite to the source of the problem, listening to those in the actual environment and ascertaining the situation.
Crackerjack Spirit: We are confident of the crackerjack ability of our team, their challenging spirit and ability to reach ever-higher goals. We continuously get into situations that demand not only a quality situation but also a quick solution which is feasible only if a team of top quality is working on the solution and we keep on proving our crackerjack ability on countless number of occasions in our daily business activities.
Pace & Alacrity: Unless we move at a greater pace than that of our competitors and grasp changes in the market, anticipating the future and taking action ahead of others we know that we are not in the business. An excellent idea will lose its significance if it is not implemented in a timely manner. So we strongly believe that Pace and Alacrity form the core part of our qualities and abilities.
Teamwork: Another important factor that will enable us to achieve higher goals and outrival our competitors is TEAMWORK. Teamwork generates more effective and powerful results and it is for this reason teamwork is of cardinal significance in our work culture. As team members, we will study, comprehend, understand and share objectives and milestones that will ensure the goal reach on time. We not only set our targets but also track our work progress and put our abilities to the maximum level to meet our responsibilities and ensure the team achieves its objectives.